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A new start. A mysterious bookshop. Will being transported across space and time turn him into the hero he admires?


Noah loves his nighttime reading ritual with his dad. Stuck in a small new town after the pandemic caused his parents’ marriage to fracture, the curious thirteen-year-old happily explores the peculiar local bookstore. But when the lonely youngster takes home a firefighter’s old diary, he’s amazed when it transforms him into the book’s owner and transports him across space and time to a blazing building.


Distracted by a close friendship he’s developing with a smart schoolmate, Noah is certain the heat and confusion were just a frightening dream. But when he sits down to continue the fascinating story, he realizes he’s facing scarily real life-or-death situations… and his actions could change history.


Can he master the weird magic and make sure no one gets hurt?


The Phantom Firefighter is the action-filled first book in the First Responder fantasy series. If you like adventurous kids, clever humor, and pages jam-packed with suspense, then you’ll love J.W. Jarvis’s blending of reality and enchantment.


3% of all book sales go to First Responders Children’s Foundation, which provides financial support to children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.


Buy The Phantom Firefighter to put on a hero’s uniform today!

The Phantom Firefighter - Book 1 (e-book)

4,99$ Standardpreis
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